I’m on a podcast!

Hello Enneafriends! I hope everyone is doing okay. I know that can be a loaded question these days.  Maybe you are not okay. And, that’s just as valid. 

I wanted to share some exciting news. I am on podcast! It’s like a dream come true. As someone who subscribes to so many podcast, to be on one was amazing.

The Christian Enneagram with Kim Eddy was a great experience, especially as I got to talk about all things 5, mental health, and much more.

This experience made me want to dive in to many more conversations with others about the Enneagram in the future. I am slowly but surely, working on my new series. It is the deep dive that I think is not talked about enough with the Enneagram. STAY TUNED!

As also, please be safe and remember that, even though you may be a type, you are so much more than that!


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