Mental Health & the Enneagram


DAY 2: What Perfectionism Creates

As we continue discussion on mental health and the enneagram, it is good to recognize that perfectionism can cause any of us to put pressure on ourselves. But what does perfectionism do to us? What does it create for us and what does it do to us? I’m so glad that you asked.

Many mental health and psychological articles say that perfectionism can lead people to feel and be unhappy. And, in mental health, unhappiness can lead to depression, anxiety, and can significantly affect the quality of life of a person. Other mental health concerns could also be OCD, eating disorders, various anxiety and panic disorders, and numerous physical health concerns.

Enneagram 1’s might find themselves with a lot of unhappiness chasing after being perfect. They can create for themselves unrealistic goals and expectations that they think will make them happy. There is a difference between wanting to do the right thing and forcing something at the expense of 1’s (one’s) mental health. We end up trying to do so much and perfectly, that we might not end up getting anything done at all.

I think we can all learn from Enneagram 1’s ability, as the Moral Compass, to drive the quality of life to excellence. But let us also learn from them, there is so much more to life than excellence. We can learn from imperfections and flaws, which make us so uniquely human.

Disclaimer: As we continue to discuss this topic, I encourage you to take time to reflect with care. If you need mental health services, please seek those out. This is not a substitute for professional care. Dear Enneafriends, Please take care of your mental health.

Day 3 to come soon!

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