Mental Health & the Enneagram


DAY 2: What Perfectionism Creates

As we continue discussion on mental health and the enneagram, it is good to recognize that perfectionism can cause any of us to put pressure on ourselves. But what does perfectionism do to us? What does it create for us and what does it do to us? I’m so glad that you asked.

Many mental health and psychological articles say that perfectionism can lead people to feel and be unhappy. And, in mental health, unhappiness can lead to depression, anxiety, and can significantly affect the quality of life of a person. Other mental health concerns could also be OCD, eating disorders, various anxiety and panic disorders, and numerous physical health concerns.

Enneagram 1’s might find themselves with a lot of unhappiness chasing after being perfect. They can create for themselves unrealistic goals and expectations that they think will make them happy. There is a difference between wanting to do the right thing and forcing something at the expense of 1’s (one’s) mental health. We end up trying to do so much and perfectly, that we might not end up getting anything done at all.

I think we can all learn from Enneagram 1’s ability, as the Moral Compass, to drive the quality of life to excellence. But let us also learn from them, there is so much more to life than excellence. We can learn from imperfections and flaws, which make us so uniquely human.

Disclaimer: As we continue to discuss this topic, I encourage you to take time to reflect with care. If you need mental health services, please seek those out. This is not a substitute for professional care. Dear Enneafriends, Please take care of your mental health.

Day 3 to come soon!

Mental Health and the Enneagram


DAY 1: The Struggle of Perfection

According to Psychology Today, perfectionism is driven primarily by internal pressures, such as the desire to avoid failure or harsh judgment. As human beings, we can all relate to the pressures of culture & life, and the desire to not be the biggest failure in the room. We want to say we know what is right and what is wrong. I think this especially true for Enneagram 1’s.

Enneagram 1’s identity rests on right and wrong. At least, that is, in their mind’s eye. They tend to believe that if everything aligns, they do everything the way it should be, and to do it in a perfect way, then they are set. What does any of that even mean? What does it actually do? (More on this question tomorrow.) How does this effect mental health?

A main concern in mental health, and for the Enneagram 1, is when perfectionism becomes the standard for healing and growth. The internal pressure we put on ourselves, thinking if we are perfect, the world will be perfect.

To anyone who struggles with perfectionism and to the Enneagram 1’s, there is no perfect way for mental health. There is no quick fit or solution that takes away all the wrongs of our lives. But it is so easy to think that, isn’t it? What is the idea of being perfect truly doing to us? Does it satisfy? Or does it continue the vicious cycle of doing better and better?

Disclaimer: As we continue to discuss this topic, I encourage you to take time to reflection with care. If you need mental health services, please seek those out. Dear Enneafriends, Please take care of your mental health.

Day 2 on perfectionism to come. Thank you!

Mental Health & the Enneagram

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Hello Enneafriends! I hope this finds you well. I know that can be a loaded question with everything that’s going on lately.

That is the exact reason why I think it is time for a good deep dive mental health series.

I am looking forward to doing a deep dive for each type. Which means each week, for the next couple weeks, I will be breaking down the following:

Day 1: Concerns

Day 2: Facts

Day 3: Impact

Day 4: Resources

Day 5: Hope

My hope for this series is that we will look at mental health issues that get talked about but maybe not this deeply through the Enneagram lens. This is also a reminder that , while I am mental health professional, I am not a therapist and you should always seek help from professionals first. This series is NOT a substitute for actual mental health services.

I genuinely believe that this is going to be a huge way of connecting with those of you in the Enneagram world with some good mental health approaches.

If you have any questions, please shoot me a DM or email at

I look forward to talking about mental health with you, Enneafriends!

I’m on a podcast!

Hello Enneafriends! I hope everyone is doing okay. I know that can be a loaded question these days.  Maybe you are not okay. And, that’s just as valid. 

I wanted to share some exciting news. I am on podcast! It’s like a dream come true. As someone who subscribes to so many podcast, to be on one was amazing.

The Christian Enneagram with Kim Eddy was a great experience, especially as I got to talk about all things 5, mental health, and much more.

This experience made me want to dive in to many more conversations with others about the Enneagram in the future. I am slowly but surely, working on my new series. It is the deep dive that I think is not talked about enough with the Enneagram. STAY TUNED!

As also, please be safe and remember that, even though you may be a type, you are so much more than that!


My EnneaLife: Growth Whilst Healing


Hello Enneafriends! It’s been a while since I was around. Many times in my career and in my life, I have told people, “When you need a mental health break, take it!”. And so, I did.

Eggroll Vermicelli @ Pho Today in Jax, FL
Self-Care Art
My cat, D’artagnan w/ my books

Brief Summary: I’ve been reconnecting to the things that bring me joy. I’ve been spending time with my family and friends. I’m learning healthier ways of dealing with stress.

Results of Art Day at Work


Now, I’m back! While I was resting and learning, I thought a lot about where I want to take JustAddEnneagram. I recognized that I love hearing other people’s stories and how the Enneagram can be just one of the many perspectives to look through & experience those stories.

As someone who values others growing and healing, I also recognize that not everyone is ready to share there story or use the Enneagram. That’s okay. Michelle McNanamara (true crime author) , once said, “It’s chaos, be kind.” And that is the way I use trauma informed care even in talking about the Enneagram .

Quote ( Disclaimer: not my art)


I said all that to say, I started a YouTube channel, justaddenneagram. It’s a new venture but I think it will be a great way to connect to others. It’s also a new thing to learn how to do. As a 5 (w4), where curiosity and learning as my fuel, this is so exciting!

justaddenneagram – YouTube: My EnneaLife: Growth Whilst Healing
YouTube Channel ( A work-in-progress)

This is a new adventure for me. I don’t know everything about Enneagram or how to run a channel. But I am just going to do it anyway. Learning and growing along the way.

For friends that are new, reoccurring, and steadfast, welcome! I hope that we can share our stories by just adding enneagram!


Hello Enneafriends!

Welcome to Just Add Enneagram! My name is Lauren Malpass. I am so thrilled to be sharing about the Enneagram and work towards becoming a certified coach. My goals are to give people tools to help understand themselves better, grow, and challenge themselves.

My professional background is in mental health as a support staff clinician. I always aim for the wellness and health of people first. I am a firm believer in self-care and using a trauma informed model so other feel seen and heard.

Whether you’re new to the Enneagram or an avid learner, I hope we can grow together. Enneagram is just one tool available to understand our world.

Let’s begin this journey!