Mental Health & the Enneagram

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Hello Enneafriends! I hope this finds you well. I know that can be a loaded question with everything that’s going on lately.

That is the exact reason why I think it is time for a good deep dive mental health series.

I am looking forward to doing a deep dive for each type. Which means each week, for the next couple weeks, I will be breaking down the following:

Day 1: Concerns

Day 2: Facts

Day 3: Impact

Day 4: Resources

Day 5: Hope

My hope for this series is that we will look at mental health issues that get talked about but maybe not this deeply through the Enneagram lens. This is also a reminder that , while I am mental health professional, I am not a therapist and you should always seek help from professionals first. This series is NOT a substitute for actual mental health services.

I genuinely believe that this is going to be a huge way of connecting with those of you in the Enneagram world with some good mental health approaches.

If you have any questions, please shoot me a DM or email at

I look forward to talking about mental health with you, Enneafriends!

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